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Selling your home can be stressful. It takes time and energy. It disrupts your life, affects your work and wears you out. 

Could there be another way?

What if selling your home was simple, easy – and fast?

What if you had buyers bidding in days?

Selling homes is easier with Interiors Therapy


Using the Interiors Therapy 'Ready to Sell' service changes the energy of your home to welcome in new prospective owners and smooth the move to your new place.

Take the stress out of selling your home. Make your property irresistible so you have buyers making offers straightaway, and potentially, above your asking price.


A home has to be ready to sell in order to sell fast and achieve the asking price or above.

Make your move a positive and easier experience.


If you’re busy with family and work, it may be hard to find the time to get your home ready to sell and know what key changes you need to make.


Download the PDF ‘Hints and tips to get your home Ready to Sell’ to give you a head-start.


Book a free video consultation to find out how to get your home ready to sell and make the return on investment you deserve.

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If your property has been on the market without sensible offers for over 6 weeks/2 months, in the current market it's time to reassess what's going on.

Your Estate Agent or Realtor will have some ideas, but if there's nothing obviously wrong structurally with the building, the price is right and other properties nearby are selling, then 'something' at a deeper level is deterring potential buyers. 

If you're genuinely motivated to sell, then I'm sure you agree it would be good to find out what the issues are and how to resolve them, but I get it, you're already paying your realtor, why would you choose to pay more?

I guess it all depends how long you want to have the situation hanging over you, and how important it is to have a fresh start.

An Interiors Therapy assessment of your home will provide you with straightforward advice and recommendations.

You'll understand what steps you can take to make the property more attractive to purchasers and be given clear advice on remedies to balance the property so it 'feels' inviting for viewings.

Most properties respond quickly to the TLC which comes with Interiors Therapy and the positive energetic flow it creates. Adding in a little Feng Shui magic can help shift the most 'stuck' property.

Homes become 'visible' to house-hunters who had previously ignored a listing and we love it when a bidding war ensues!

In-person consultations are recommended wherever possible.

Interiors Therapy helps you understand why a property is not selling
Haunted Houses sometimes look very normal


Visitors and viewers sense discomfort even though they don't really understand why. This can result in chills and goosebumps and may cause headaches, migraine, nausea and fear.

Contrary to the movies, some unhappy homes look incredibly normal. It's just that the energy around them is unsupportive. 

This can frigthen off all but the most determined purchasers, but then if an offer is made, it can be fraught with delays, legal difficulties and your buyer may pull out for no reason leaving you to start the process all over again.  

No one needs that aggravation.

For properties with severe or deep rooted issues generated by;

Traumatic events 

Geopathic stress

Land disturbance

Suspected haunting/spirit activity

Sacred sites/Battlegrounds/Grave sites

Inexplicable or frightening experiences

These situations can create unwelcoming or unsettling energy leading to poor physical and mental health and a very real impact on the lives of people who live in them.

That would deter any potential purchaser.

In this situation we may recommend other trusted experts who are specialists in these fields to clear the deep-rooted negative energy from the property and the land it sits on. 

Ready to Sell PDF
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