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Your home is one of the biggest investments you ever make, so it's important to get it right.

With Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui advice, you receive the inside track on what to look for in a property and basic principles to save you stress and avoid buying a home you may come to regret.

With clarity about what makes the difference, you can make an informed decision and make finding your new home a walk in the park.

Buying the right home is easier with Interiors Therapy
Interiors Therapy gives the inside track on what Chinese Buyers look for


Perhaps you've heard of some Chinese and Asian property investors paying significantly above asking price to secure what seems to be a very average home. 

And when it comes to purchasing certain luxury homes, the sky is the limit!

Why is that?

They understand that a building blessed with good feng shui and positive energy is an excellent foundation for a home which will be lucky and auspicious for their family and business.

Living in such a home will pay off many times over.

But not every house has that fortunate 'Good for People, Good for Money' energy which matters so much - indeed, other houses nearby may be completely disregarded if the don't have the same energetic qualities.

So what can you learn from such discerning buyers to make your property search successful for you and your family? 

We've combined years of experience in Interiors Therapy with the power of Feng Shui to create our 'Find your Perfect Property' package.  It's available to you online right now.


If you used the Interiorstherapy.com ‘Ready to Sell’ service you already know Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui are a great way to sell a property quickly and smoothly. 

But what about finding your new place – the one which is perfect for your new beginning and happy future?

This downloadable guide is packed with useful information to help you find ‘the one’, the home which works for you now and for as long as you choose to live there.

Find out what to look for and what to avoid; how to identify supportive properties; use your five senses to maximise viewing any property and be aware of more than the agent and vendor want you to see.

At the purchase stage you have the option to upgrade your guide to include 2 Feng Shui preliminary assessments, a saving of 25% on the regular value.

Just as a Chinese investor would check the feng shui before making an offer, you can use these assessments for properties you are seriously considering purchasing.

The preliminary assessment will identify whether properties you are interested in are:

  • Good for People and Good for Money
  • Good for People and Bad for Money
  • Bad for People and Good for Money
  • Bad for People and Bad for Money

And provide a summary of any external Feng Shui remedies required to balance the property.

By using this valuable Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui tool, you’ll save yourself time, emotion, petrol and heartache by writing off properties which won’t support you BEFORE you commit yourself to visiting them. 

In this way, you can be sure the ones you do invest in viewing fulfill your personal and energetic requirements.

Find your New Home Package
Buying a home is easier with Interiors Therapy